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P3Insights Overview
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P3Insights is a provider of innovative, analytics solutions, precision engineered to meet the today's healthcare industry challenges. Our platform leverages advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to empower better planning, resource utilization and clinical and financial outcomes for our customers.

Powered by the world renowned Johns Hopkins ACG System, the P3Insights solution takes population health management to new heights, empowering Payers, Providers and Government Healthcare Agencies alike to instantly identify opportunities to improve the health and well being of their patients, while optimizing costs and resource utilization.

Designed to run on the industry's leading technology platforms, P3Insights offers unmatched scalability, data source connectivity, and sophisticated self-service analytics, deployed together in the cloud (public or private), on-premises or in a hybrid configuration.

For our clients:

  • Payers: our analytics drive improvement in population health management, risk-score accuracy, and quality data analysis and reporting.

  • Providers: P3Insights delivers near real-time data and analytics that significantly impacts patient clinical outcomes

Informed by Machine Learning and advanced Predictive Analytics, every user on our platform is empowered by system generated, insights and self-service analytics, to make better decisions and to realize quantifiable results.

Let's get the conversation started, click on the click below so we can learn about your particular needs and how we can serve you.

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