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In the US, Medicare and Medicaid costs continue to rise. State and federal healthcare entities look for ways to lower costs, while improving healthcare outcomes for their populations. P3Insights' Public Health solution is designed to better manage patients' health and work better and smarter with the Managed Care Organizations that are contracted for your region.  


P3Insights leverages historical and current data to design and manage programs to track costs and utilization and to improve outcomes for your Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries.

Public Sector Solutions Pop Health


P3Insights, powered by the John Hopkins ACG System  provides a complete end-to-end Population Health solution that is fully integrated into the P3Insights platform.


P3Insights combines Medical and Pharmacy Claims, EHR, Quality, Social Determinants Of Health (SDOH) and other data sources. Our platform feeds this data into our ACG module, where we run the selected models for the targeted population. ACG model results are instantly available to our enterprise analytics module, producing easy to understand, visually stunning reports and dashboards that inform your programs for population health management.

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P3Insights Enterprise Analytics provides out-of-the-box dashboards and reports for a wide ranging set of business uses.


Powered by our Advanced Predictive models our analytics and dashboards allow you to easily identify at-risk populations, high utilizers and to compare clinical and financial performance between participating MCO's and Provider Groups. These capabilities are used to identify opportunities for improvement across the entire healthcare ecosystem.


We are an open technology platform that enables data sharing and availability both internally and with your MCOs in a seamless, easy to manage way.


Quality reporting is taking an ever increasing important role for MCO's participating in Medicare and Medicaid programs. P3Insights quality reporting allows Government healthcare organizations to manage internal quality data, combine it with data from participating MCO's and to maintain an enterprise view of quality to drive better member health outcomes.

We also believe that vendor independence is important, giving you the capability to actively measure performance and trends across multiple MCO's and vendors, to develop targeted strategies and to easily identify opportunities for quality measure improvement.

Public Sector Solutions Enterprise Analytics
Public Sector Solutions Quality Analytics


Today more than ever Government healthcare organizations rely on data to drive business forward. 

The P3Insights platform leverages the industry's highest performance databases, visualization technologies, predictive analytics, machine learning, benchmarking, data governance and security all on a single fully integrated platform.

Public Sector Solutions Cloud Data Platform
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