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P3Insights partners with payers using our cloud based, advanced analytics platform to address business critical needs and to future proof your technology. Leveraging our single, integrated platform your organization can implement and manage customized population health management programs, view claims and quality data, see and understand the impact of changing risk scores, and gain insight into provider performance, reduce costs and utilization, and deliver better member outcomes.

Payer Pop Health


P3Insights, powered by John Hopkins ACG System provides a complete end-to-end Population Health solution that is fully integrated into the P3Insights platform.


Combined with our Claims, EHR, Quality, SDOH and other data sources,  we ingest and model data output from the ACG system resulting in unmatched capabilities for you to better manage your populations.


P3Insights automatically stratifies your population, to identify prevalent diseases and cost drivers, to predict hospitalization risk, evaluate providers performance and even adjust capitation rates. 

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Managing Risk for Payers in healthcare is a complex, resource intensive activity. Automated risk analytics help to significantly lessen the burden on already limited financial and clinical teams. Risk analytics provide direct insight into the efficacy and accuracy of your membership's physical and financial health. Analytics can also help identify opportunities to work smarter with your Providers and enroll members in intervention programs that can positively impact risk scores.

The P3Insights platform is an open, standards based platform, that supports the most widely used risk models in the healthcare industry, including the Johns Hopkins ACG system, CMS HCC, and the HHS HCC models.

P3Insights calculates and tracks member risk scores as a key component of a comprehensive dataset that we maintain in the system, providing a holistic view for every member and the services they need and receive. 


P3Insights quality reporting simplifies the identification of member quality gaps and can be configured to trigger an intervention or a targeted outreach to your members.​

The built-in flexibility to drive quality improvement independently of the quality software solution that you currently use is a major plus for your business.  We believe vendor independence is important and also gives you the capability to actively measure performance and trends, develop targeted strategies and patterns for measure improvement, and understanding projected future measure performance.

Payer Solutions Risk Analytics
Payer Solutions Quality Analytics


Today more than ever organizations rely on data to drive business forward. P3Insight's platform is built for healthcare Payers, Providers and Public Sector health organizations alike. 


Leveraging the industry's leading highest performance databases, visualization technologies, predictive analytics, machine learning, benchmarking, data governance and security all on a single fully integrated platform.

Payer Solutions Cloud Data Platform
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