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Today more than ever organizations rely on data to drive business forward. P3Insight's platform is built for healthcare Payers, Providers and Patients and incorporates the industry's leading high performance databases, visualization technologies, predictive analytics, machine learning, benchmarking, data governance and security all on a single fully integrated platform.


Data Orchestration

P3Insights unlocks the value in your data. Backed by decades of enterprise data management, healthcare expertise and extensive research and development, P3Insights empowers everyone across your healthcare ecosystem to make better decisions, informed by secure, actionable and governed data.

Data Sources:

We've simplified and automated the integration of data including:

  • Member Enrollment

  • Medical Claims

  • Pharmacy

  • Labs

  • Providers

  • EHR / EMR

  • Social Determinants Of Health

  • Health Information Exchanges (HIE)


P3Insights converts your raw data into a high-performing, actionable asset that supports your business' needs.

Advanced Analytics

P3Insights' Advanced Analytics includes everything that's needed to manage your business, identify and track opportunities for growth, predict which patients are likely to impact upon cost and valuable resources. The P3Insights platform offers market leading data visualization tools, data modeling, benchmarking against national healthcare datasets, predictive analytics and guided, self service analysis.

P3Insights is designed and supported by healthcare and technology industry experts with diverse skillsets in R&D, Clinicians, Clinical Data Analysts, and Enterprise Data Warehouse Design & Development. What's more we boast more than 20 years of successful service delivery.

Sophisticated Visualizations:

P3Insights leverages industry leading visualization capabilities that enable you to better see and understand your data and to identify opportunities for growth and improvement.

Data Modeling:

If your data is not modeled correctly, the results will be poor. P3Insights' enterprise data model is the foundation of our platform, built to handle the complexity and scale of today's healthcare data challenges. Equally important, it is designed to easily incorporate changes that will come tomorrow.

Predictive Analytics:

P3Insights incorporates hundreds of Predictive Models to accurately predict future healthcare costs and resource utilization. These insights in turn, drive your intervention program design and strategy, helps support budgeting, cost reduction and provides a critical competitive advantage.

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Flexible Technology Deployment Options

P3Insights' unique offering is deigned with the flexibility that our industry demands. Deploy to your own Private Cloud, On-premises, or a Hybrid approach, it's your choice.


Government regulations demand agility and scalability. Healthcare generates more data than any other industry and with the advent of interoperability requirements and patient access on-demand, the challenge has grown even bigger.


P3Insights is delivered under the Software as a Service model. Mindful that every customer is different, we offer a customizable approach, offering plug-n-play services that are tailored to your needs. With this in mind we serve the needs of:

  • Payers

  • Providers

  • Government Healthcare

  • Pharmaceutical Companies

  • Research Organizations


P3Insights consists of a number of powerful, fully integrated applications that work together seamlessly. Whether you are a Managed Care Organization, Payer, ACO, State Healthcare entity or a Hospital Group struggling with the complexities of managing population health, the P3Insights platform can be tailored exactly for you.

P3Insights informs decisions around allocating valuable healthcare resources, including where to prioritize your budget based on highest need and how to reimburse providers in an equitable way. P3Insight is also used to evaluate the success of your programs and interventions, while also offering performance measurement applications to drive continuous improvement. 

P3Insights Applications Matrix Cropped II.png

The P3Insights team partners with our clients to understanding all the applications that are available on our platform and then tailoring the solution to best meet your population management program needs and objectives.

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